About us

Return to their land, to find love!

Staying at our B & B, you will not only get to know our places, but also to listen to my story.
I am Elena, a degree in his pocket, many dreams and few certainties for the future.
After years of studies including double-entry budgetary and closings, I have found to deal with the future and decided to change course.
He realized then that the only game that I wanted to play was that of life ... of course by closing my budget in useful.
The challenge was born a beautiful day in spring observing the view across from my hill, sun, sea, mountains, flowering trees, evergreen hills, cherry blossom fragrance and so that in 2011, I picked the lock and pulling out all the passion for my land, I realized in my native home a B & B.
Opening the doors of my house to different cultures I noticed the curiosity to discover our habits. I started to study the origin of everything that I live in everyday, every path that I walk and to discover and rediscover sensations, now my eyes look with more love our history, our culture and our traditions because it teaches us to love only if you love first.