Je sentieri dal Tetto Rosso

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Excursion in the river Coriglianeto, nature and history of the city of Corigliano Calabro.

A wonderful valley of the river Coriglianeto, and after 20 km flows into the Ionian Sea.
Inside the park there are the old mill, the olde ice factory, the old central electric 800, also, there are wonderful natural paths, where you can make healthy and relaxing walks along the river or in 'water, between the sweet rustle of the trees and the meeting whit some species that inhabit the park, such as the otter, the hedgehog, the falchetto and trout that animate the stream.
This offer includes:
-Excursion in the river Coriglianeto;
-Overnight accommodation in a double room;
-Breakfast made with only local produce.




The perfect holiday for mycologists in Acri

October is the month to hunt mushrooms and pick chestnuts. It is the perfect time for those keen on mushrooms, to enjoy walks in the Acri and Sila Greca Forest, along with a visit to the mycological museum.
This offer includes:
-Mycological and natural excursion to the forest;
-Visit to the mycological museum;
-Roast chestnuts and chestnut dessert tasting.


Visit the ancient Sybaris or the Crathis River Nature Reserve by bike


Enjoy a bike ride around the Sybaris plain, an important Magna Graecia colony and visit its excavations or visit the Crathis river bank.
This offer includes:
-Excusion in 1 of the 2 destinations;
-Bike rental;
-Typical products tasting;
-Overnight accomodation in a double room;
-Breakfast made whit only local produce.


Make the most of the benefits of vegetable garden therapy in the Acri countryside

Two excursions to the local countryside to learn the secrets of soil preparation
for sowing or harvesting.
You will learn how to grow and store vegetables.

This offer includes:
-2 two-hour lessons in which the techniques of land processing and cultivation,
care for seedling and use of parasites are explained;
-Picking and processing vegetables and fruit to make traditional preserves;
-Overnight accommodation in a double room;
-Breakfast made with only local produce.


Il cammino di Lucantonio e il percorso turistico-religioso

Un percorso di fede tra i vicoli del paese per percorrere i luoghi di Sant'Angelo d'Acri.
Dalla chiesetta del Rinfresco verso la Casa Cappella di Lucantonio Falcone, alla Basilica e al Museo nei luoghi del frate cappuccino;